Video and Voice Communication Suite for Sales and Customer Service

Instantly engage with your customers over the web or phone. Enrich your conversations with video, chat and screen sharing.

Stay closer to your customers and employees with the right channels and metrics, regardless of where your employees are located.

Ready to use in 1 minute - for free and without installation.
No contract. No credit card required.

81% of the companies
in Europe and the USA want
closer customer communication.

Digital business is efficient, scalable and acts quickly. But too often, it doesn't operate close enough to your customer. Video telephony combined with intelligent distribution logic enables digital one-to-one conversations and delivers all important KPIs and metrics related to the conversation.

Complex content transferred easily

We reduce complexity. Meet your customers in a video or audio call directly via the browser, without installation. Rely on customer service in the cloud - intuitively, in a few moments, without expert knowledge.

No installation

All you need is your internet browser


Customer service on the go


Team and individual metrics, in real-time


Integrate your helpdesk or CRM software

Supervision tools

Support and train your teams


Because customer service is teamwork!

Why Sabienzia?

We want to transform business telephony into intelligent communication that enables data-informed decisions and automation of workflows. We stay closer to customers and partners to make their lives a little easier and help them scale their businesses with trusted telecommunications experience. Exceptional experiences are delivered on the basis of reliable technology and sophisticated software, which is our claim.

You are always VIP

Regardless of company size or business area, you always receive a respectful high priority response

Integration in any system

API and real-time architecture that enables you to connect to any business system

100% European trusted company

Renominated German automotive, tourism and e-commerce companies trust us

Security certified

Our voice infrastructure has the highest PCI security level, constantly monitored by external services

Delivering exceptional customer service technology since 2009

European leaders

More than a decade of driving customer service for established companies in the travel, automotive and e-commerce sectors worldwide.

State of the art

Customer service continues to evolve, as does the technology we deliver as a cloud solution that can be used anywhere

100% GDPR

Delivered through a 100% own GDPR infrastructure that is 100% hosted in Europe