Logo Sabienzia Technologies

Sabienzia Technologies, headquartered in Berlin, was founded in 2009. It is a company with dynamic growth rates and is considered an industry pioneer. We specialise in developing multi-channel dialogue platform technology, a cloud based alternative to classic, location-bound ACDs. The focus is on location-independent virtualisation of workplaces which is in line with the highest standards in security and data protection, and on issues such as work@home and BYOD.

Sabienzia opens up the possibility for companies to connect their workers in a decentralised setting, in order to be able to respond to business requirements more flexibly. This provides the technical basis for secure data transfer and processing. In addition, we provide the tools which facilitate real-time insight into all relevant processes and quality assurance measures. In this way it is possible to take corrective action at any time – as though the workers were located on site and physically close to you.

In order to keep this process as simple as possible we provide all the services you need.