Operating a decentralised infrastructure

Your team works from the home office, regardless of location.

In the course of a day, customer services via telephone are subject to much fluctuation. During low times, agents working on site can get bored, while during peak times they may not be able to handle all the incoming calls.

But controlling will have difficulties allocating two-hour-shifts, as the commute may not be worth the while. In a decentralised structure, however, the business requirement of providing a certain service level can be consolidated with personal requests for a good work-life balance.

The technology to implement a potential home office structure has to answer two questions: How can the requirements of the German Federal Data Protection Law be fulfilled? How can agents working in different locations be unified in one team?

The Cloud Contact Center provides an answer to both questions.

To operate a decentralised infrastructure either the Professional or the Enterprise licence type may be right for you. You can find the licence type which best suits your requirements using the licence type overview.