FAQ - Frequently asked questions

##Frequently Asked Questions

The decision as to when and how to use a Cloud Call Center depends on many factors that have a decisive influence on success in customer service. It is therefore necessary to think about issues such as security, (hybrid) working models, teleworking, pricing and interfaces at an early stage and to use offers for testing.

#What are the technical requirements?

The platform can be started from your browser without installation. So, you are ready to start working with no restrictions. If you need additional security, the cloud solution can optionally also be protected by using VPN connectivity.

#What does it cost?

The pricing model is designed with customers in mind, allowing them to exploit the whole functionality of the platform at any time. Pricing considers the license costs per agent and the minutes used. This allows costs to be easily controlled. Particularly in the case of low traffic, it means costs remain low. Depending on the needs, two variants are available in order to increase processing capacity, which can be adjusted to the requirements of the enterprise.

#How do I have an overview of my numbers, statistics and metrics?

Sabienzia offers several views in the live dashboards. The typical KPIs, such as handled call rate (HCR), service level (SL), are displayed in real time. For monthly or historical evaluation, exportable statistics are available, which show the results of calls handled in a detailed manner. In addition, the provision and secure transfer of data to the customer servers, in real time or to a data warehouse, are available.

#Where are the telephony data hosted?

Sabienzia operates its own infrastructure in a TIER3 Data Center in Berlin, Germany. Sabienzia's engineers themselves carry out maintenance work exclusively on the infrastructure on site. No activity related to call processing is processed either outside the EU or outside Germany.

#Is Sabienzia suitable for homework or teleworking?

Yes, the platform is technologically and procedurally set up for use in the home office and has been used in this area for over 10 years. The hybrid concept is currently successfully used by several organizations in Europe.

#What about phone numbers? Can I keep my numbers?

You can continue to work with your phone numbers. If you obtain these from a provider, they can be directed or migrated to Sabienzia. Alternatively, you can order numbers when creating an account.

#What interfaces do you have?

Integrations and interfaces are an important topic. The platform can communicate with different systems via our API. Currently, we offer pre-built interfaces to SalesForce, Freshdesk and Zendesk.

#In which languages is the platform available?

Sabienzia cloud telephony is available in German, English and Spanish. Further languages will be added in the near future.

#I have more questions. Whom can I contact?

The decision for a cloud telephony system is essential for the success of your customer service. We are open to your questions at: +49 30 233278107 and and will be happy to provide you with a test account.