Features designed for managing local and remote teams

Customer interaction must be as personalized as possible. It is mandatory to identify the context of the contact and to provide the users enough information to anticipate a prompt answer and deliver an exceptional experience.


International and toll-free numbers

Sabienzia provides toll-free, international and local phone numbers for incoming and outgoing calls worldwide.

Hybrid routing prioritization

Prioritize call-routing based on the location of the users (remote or local), highly increasing performance and availability.

Dynamic queue management

Waiting queues can be dynamically configured to be available based on available resources to avoid unpleasant customer experiences.


The intelligent ACD, equipped with interactive voice response (IVR) and computer telephony integration (CTI), allows you to offer extraordinary customer experience with a wide variety of channels.


Increase customer satisfaction by providing closer interaction that allows users to contact them through different channels from anywhere.


The gap between incoming and outgoing calls can easily be closed to bring the two together in a single interactive system.

Callbacks from queue

While customers are waiting on the line, they are offered a call back to avoid long waiting times and frustration.

Skills-based routing

Users are grouped based on their skills or knowledge, allowing the ACD to route incoming calls to those that best satisfy customers' needs.


Customers can be automatically routed to conference services (like simultaneous translator) to facilitate their interaction with users.

Business hours

You can define business hours to configure different routing strategies during the day or week depending on the availability of your team.


Interactive Voice Response menus can be configured to facilitate the correct call routing depending on the business segments.

Private lines

Individual phone lines can be configured for each user allowing them to be independently available of the teams they belong to.

Holidays and exceptions

Individual routings can be configured for each service in order to manage incoming calls for particular dates like holidays or business events.


Calls can be routed to personalized voicemails in case users are not available or customers are calling out of business hours.

Release code response

In case it is required, you can set special codes to be sent to the carrier's network to interact with other systems as part of a shared call routing strategy with other providers.


Mobile & real-time management

The management of Sabienzia can be performed via web or any mobile device from any location at any time taking immediate action.

Real-time dashboard

Thanks to Sabienzia's technology, dashboards are available to monitor activities of teams, users and services in real-time with no delay.


You are able to define and configure unlimited types of presences for your users, so that they can process other activities and you having an overview of them.

Live coaching

Following data protection regulations, coachers can listen and talk to users while interacting live with customers to promptly whisper advice.


In accordance with data protection regulations, calls can be recorded automatically or on demand for monitoring purposes and boosting quality assurance.

Customer service from the home office in times of crisis.

Different alerts can be configured to inform the management or teams when certain conditions arise that may trigger a negative customer experience.

Role-based access control

The management of users is associated to roles with different profiles to allow a structured management of the resources.

Blacklist spam callers

Users have the ability to set callers in a blacklist tagging them as Spam preventing any future contact from them.

GDPR - Data retention

Following data protection regulations, you can manage the retention of data as well anonymize information you may collect from your customers.

Customer satisfaction rating

After each call, customers can automatically be prompted with questions to easily rate the quality of their experience based on your own defined questions and ratings.


All configurations performed in the system are protocoled and are available for administrator to be traced for quality assurance purposes.


Extended security

Sabienzia enables extra security resources for organizations requiring interaction within private networks making it possible for remote users to access their systems with no security risk.

Remote desktop

Sabienzia is also suitable for use in terminal environments and for remote desktop connections with reliable voice integration.

Communication panel

Users are equipped with a web communication panel to perform all customer interactions as well as to manage their status from any location.

Internal collaboration

Users are able to interact using the communication panel with other team members that may instantly assist them when needed.

Call control

Users are empowered to manage calls in an easy way so that their resolvement happens immediately. Call forwarding, hold, recording and many others can be enabled as required.

Queue monitoring

Users can monitor calls waiting within their teams and take actions to assist a better response.

GDPR compliant

Following data protection regulations, you can manage the retention of customer data as well as the anonymization of the information you may collect.

Smart directories

Users can route calls to predefined directories containing the list of targets that can better assist customers to immediately resolve calls.


Real-time modules are provided to analyze customer interactions and take instant decisions on how to organize users to better perform.

Desktop notifications

Users instantly receive call notifications on their desktop as soon as the system routes a call to them.



Sabienzia's API allows you to customize any integration to your own system, enabling you take advantage of our telecommunications core to exchange data in real-time.

Pre-built integrations

CRM, Helpdesk- and eCommerce systems are easy to integrate.

Data management interface

Interfaces are provided to exchange bulk data containing every detail of all customer interaction.