We are convinced that the greatest successes result from synergies between high-performance units. With this in mind, we offer an API that works as a bridge to other systems. We have also created interfaces that are used for important CRM and help desk systems.

As a ticket system, Zendesk offers a bundling of different channels such as e-mail, chat, Facebook, blogs, Twitter, etc. These different channels are supplemented by Sabienzia's powerful cloud telephony.

Salesforce, as the market leader in sales CRMs with a broad portfolio of applications, forms an important link between our telephony and a CRM application. Users can quickly access historical processes with real-time integrations.

Similar to Zendesk, Freshdesk offers the functions of a ticket system which, in conjunction with Sabienzia, calls up the history of a customer for incoming calls and enables the user to link processes with background information.

In addition to the existing interfaces, Sabienzia offers and realtime API to enable further integrations with customers systems developed with particular features.